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Vander Elst is settled case law of the European Tribunal of Justice.

It has fundamental meaning for European job market access for a third country nationals.

Based on the EU Principle of Freedom of Services, it holds that third country nationals legally employed by an EU service provider and posted to another EU country to provide services do not require work permits in the second EU member state.

For employers
For employees

- Assistance with hiring third country nationals (not the EU citizens or residents).

- Posted workers. Consultancy and assistance with practical aspects, A1 certificates, healthcare and residence.

- Payroll management

- Business immigration packages for skilled employees. D-visa and residence.

- Taxes and social security contributions. 

- Assistance with project management and team leadership.

- Setting up virtual office.

- Project management tools, charts and databases. Kanban, Gantt and other tools. 

- Relocation services. Accommodation, travel, visas.

- Translation and interpretation, language courses.

- Practical advice about union rights, employer relations, and salary requirements in every member state.


-  Conflict mediation.

- Assistance with family reunion for third country nationals who are working in EU.

- On demand; integration courses, when required.

- Advice and assistance with health insurance and social security in each member state.

- Advice and assistance with an access to labor market in multiple EU member states, changing employer.

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