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Frequently Asked Questions


Can consulate or immigration authorities deny me an entry to European union, if I am willing to supervise my company?

I am not the owner of European company, but I need to travel to E.U. for business reasons. Can "European connection" assist me?


Are the taxes my company pays mixed with my own tax?


Can I obtain E.U. residence and work permit if I own company in Europe?

Should I wait for the European residence permit to launch my new European company?

What type of tax should my European company pay?

Should I pay personal income tax in E.U. if I own European company?

Should I pay tax in my country if I own European company?

What is the rate for corporate tax?

My European business makes profits. Can I withdraw money to my account?

Are there any tax relief schemes?

When is my company entitled for tax refund?

How often the company financial report and balance shall be filed?

Are the social security contributions integrated in company tax?

My company is registered in one E.U. member states but I work (in behalf of the company) in the different member state. Should I pay tax and social contribution in both countries?

Who are "European Connection" ?

-"European connection" is a trade name for the association of different companies who are providing legal, accounting and business development services under the umbrella of "European connection" company in the Hague, Netherlands. Our partner companies are "Lexial" law firm, , BECI and the "The Brussels accountants".

Who are European Connection
get in touch

How can I get in touch with you?

-Please visit our "contacts" page for our adress, phone and email. It is also possble to send an email through the contact form

Are you only working with clients who want to set up business in E.U.?

-Of course not. We are assisting expats and businesses from all over the world without limitations

How much does your service cost?

-Please check our PRICES AND PLANS page for u to date price lists.


Do you guarantee the results?

-We carefully evaluate the clients situation, documents, and financial capacity before starting the cooperation, which is allowing us to come out with an accurate plan of action. Actual targets of each project are agreed upon on the individual basis, with each particular client. We almost never fail..

What is the total budget to set a company and enroll in permanent cooperation?

-Please check our PRICES AND PLANS page for u to date price lists. The total budget depends on the individual project

Total budget

Is it possible to use your services  without enrolling into permanent cooperation?

-Sure, we gladly provide advice and assistance for the hourly rate. Please visit « prices and contracts » page for details


Are you issuing refunds?

-If for some reason our company is not able to provide services which were agreed upon, we’re issuing complete refund to our clients.

Whhat can yu do

What "European connection" can do for me if I want to start business in E.U.?

-We provide complete service packages ensuring the successful outcome of your business projects in European union. This includes: preparing business plans, financial plans, company constitution, legal address, office space and accommodation, registration procedure, tax and all work permit and travel document (visa) related issues.

I am not the citizen of European Union. Am I eligible to own a business in E.U.?

-Every person can own a business in E.U.  without any territorial or national restrictions.

Buy firm or opn new?

Is it better to buy the existing business or to register a new company?

-Both ways are equally possible, and have similar requirements and limitations. Decision is entirely yours...

What are the requirements to set up new company?

-Requirements in all member states are:  set up capital(in some member states as low as 1 Euro); submitting the business plan; publication of company statute and financial plan; legal address in the country of registration; tax registration and hiring the E.U. – based management team. Please visit our business service page for details. The additional requirements may apply in some countries. Please visit this page to receive the details of the procedure in the country of your choice..

existing firm

What are requirements to purchase existing business?

-The current owners should transfer the business to new one in writing and register the transaction officially, usually with the notary. Other requirements for the foreign owners are same as for new company registration: company should have valid business plan, financial plan, legal address, constitution, European management team, etc.

How long does it take to set up a new company?

-Registration itself is matter of minutes in all member states. Preparation of all required documents takes from four to six weeks.


Can I manage my European company from my home country?

-It is possible in exceptional cases.  As a general rule only the residents or citisens of European Union with porper work authorisation can be directors of the firm. Eventually to manage the E.U. company foreign owners shall either obtain permanent residence permit in European Union or hire the E.U. based management team. "European connection" is providing this service. Owners and stakeholeder have a final word in their firm of course...

Can I be a member of directors board in my company ?

-Yes, providing that at least one member of the board is eligible to manage business by the national law at the EU country where firm is established.


Should I move to Europe to start earning money at my new European company?

-It is not necessary. Once registered your company is a separate legal person and can trade, earn profits, buy, own or sell property and even hire and fire people, disregard owners status or place of residence.

Can I obtain E.U. residence and work permit if I own company in Europe?

-Yes it is possible if company is economically active, has positive trade balance and pays tax. Employing locals is additional positive point course...

I want to manage myself

I want to manage my European company myself. How can I do it?

-After registration you should file the application for the work permit as an independent entrepreneur/business owner. After obtaining the permit you can manage your business. Your company can be run by the temporary management team meanwhile.

What type of the company should I register?

-There is no obligation or limitation. It is better to register a juridical form allowing the new company to be a separate legal person. In most E.U. countries such separate business entities are either limited liability type company’s or anonymous societies, with additional specifications based at national jurisdiction in each member state. The limited liability companies are most common model for the small and medium business.

Can I offr services

I have registered my business in E.U. How can I start offering my goods and services through my European company?

-To start economic activity the company has to file the tax and social security registration; it takes day or two usually. After the registration procedure will be completed and your company is free to offer goods and services all over the Union.

I own business in one of the European Union member states. Can I freely export my goods and services to other E.U. countries or I need the additional license?

-If your company is registered in the country who is a member of European Economic Area, you can do business in all member states without restrictions and additional registration.

Members of EU

Which countries are members of E.U.?

-The EU countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden.

Which countries are members of European Economic Area?

-The EEA includes EU countries and also Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. It allows them to be part of the EU 's single market. Switzerland is not an EU or EEA member but is part of the single market agreement. This means Swiss nationals have the same rights to live and work in the EEA as other EEA nationals.


Can you help me with setting bank account ?

--Absolutely, it is one of our services.

Can you offer interesting projects for international investment?

--We are glad to do it for you. We offer investment opportunities in different areas: real estate, industry, IT, agricultural, sports and media.  Please visit our « investment opportunities » page for current investment calls.


Can I work in other European member states after receiving the work permit  at one country?

-European Commission and number of cases at European court of justice have established the work permit issued in one of the Schengen agreement counties is valid in all other Schengen area. In practice you may face certain problems from local officials while exercising this right. Please contact us at earliest convenience in the event of obstacles. More information is available at the Services > Employment in EU. 

Can I work for a company other than my own, if I received work permit as an employee of my own company?

n theory it is possible if other business will be purchasing your services from your own European company. Your fees shall be will be paid to your company account first and after that your company shall pay your salary to you deducting eventual taxes.

help with visa

I am willing to stay in my country and travel to Europe to keep an eye on business. Can you help me with business visas and consular relations?

-Yes, and your European company can issue the business invitations for you. Traveling to supervise your own company a valid reason to request a business visa. European connection is assisting all clients with visa related paperwork.

Can consulate or immigration authorities deny me an entry to European union, if I am willing to supervise my company?

-We assume that business owners shall not have any trouble proving their credibility and financial stability. Unless there are reasons of national security involved,  authorities shall  provide the necessary travel documents for the investors and owners of businesses at European Union. However incomplete paperwork or errors during the interview often causes a delay. To avoid it and ensure the result we usually suggest to cooperate with our legal team.


I am not the owner of European company, but I need to travel to E.U. for business reasons. Can "European connection" assist me?

-Please send us complete feedback by email or book the appointment with our representative. After analyzing the details we can evaluate your situation.
If you are frequent traveler, the Support package is the good solution.

Can hire

Can my own company hire me?

-Yes, unless you are self-employed as independent enterprneur. Companies are the separate legal entities (legal persons) an have right to hire employees including the owners. After signing the work contract the company can file a request for a work permit.

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