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The United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union on 31 January 2020. On the basis of the Withdrawal Agreement that has been ratified by both the European Union and the United Kingdom, a transitional period during which EU law continued to apply in the United Kingdom ended on 31 December 2020.  

 European Connection network is committed to the free movement of goods, services, and money.

In the framework of our base concept, we are assisting UK citizens with doing business, finding employment, or establishing permanent residence in the European Union post-Brexit.


You can count on us for:


Continuation of business in the EU,

Starting new businesses in European Union countries,

Exporting your products and services to European Union countries,

Employing UK citizens in the EU,

Receiving permanent residence in European Union countries,


 We can consult British citizens who were residents of the EU before Brexit took place and need advice and assistance with their current status.


 European Connection provides step-by-step assistance for entrepreneurs, professionals, and expats who are interested in selling goods and services, seeking employment, investing, or relocating to the European Union. Our permanent cooperation packages are a unique solution for all aspects of international business: cross-border trade, accommodation, relocation, tax, work permits, and business immigration.

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