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Investors and business owners can claim for the permanent European Residence permits and work permits to manage their company.

Who is eligible:

 Owners of the EU based companies
Directors of third country companies who have branches and subsidaries in EU
Independednt contactors who sell goods and services in Europe
Anyone who is investing in EU economy

Rules for business immigration differ from one member state to another, but as a general rule:

  • To claim the resident permit for the business owner or director it is recommended that company would have sustainable sales record or portfolio of upcoming contracts.

  • There is no fixed minimal capital amount for the new born companies to be eligible, but for new businesses without portfolio of upcoming deals the authorized capital above 50 000 euro is recommended

  • The separate legal entities and joint stock companies have preference

  • Many countries are offering direct red carpet business immigration programs for physical persons who invested certain amount in local economy. The actual amount varies based on the local rules at given moment


We are assisting our clients with every step of the process, from creation of new enterprise the to marketing, project management and guaranteeing the residence permits for eligible clients.

We provide special services for interested investors: researching the market, finding the most profitable and sustainable investment opportunity, so project will meet both business interest and eligibility criteria.

Please visit or FAQ page or sign up for a free webinar to find out more about business immigration in the European Union.

To start your European business please simply fill in the form at the right, and our representative will contact you in no time.

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Tgráfico de marco ime para la inmigración empresarial europea 

Comienzo del procedimiento.
Solicitar la visa de negocios si es necesario.



Obtención de visas de negocios en base 90/180 (puedes permanecer 90 días cada 6 meses).


Elaboración de plan de negocios y empresa.



Registro de la empresa.


Su propia empresa empieza a obtener beneficios en la UE: vendiendo productos; ofrecer servicios; invitar a trabajadores y socios del extranjero; contratar y despedir empleados; conseguir
patrocinio; obtener créditos.



Solicitud de permiso de trabajo/tarjeta profesional para todos los propietarios de empresas.





Obtención de carnet profesional/permiso de trabajo.




Obtención de permiso de residencia en la UE.

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